Educast is a software solution for quick and easy live broadcasting. All you need is your smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. We would like to provide an easy solution for online tutoring and seminars as well as any other event that can profit from a live audio broadcast. With the Educast application, available on Android Market and Apple App Store, anyone can transmit with just one tap on a button. The application is built with accessibility in mind. Blind and partially sighted users have full access to the entire application.

How Educast works

Educast has a broadcaster application for your smartphone and a web player for your website. Once both are connected to the same course/event you can start live broadcasting to your listeners. We use a server to buffer and mediate the audio signal for your broadcast. To lower the bandwidth requirements on side of the broadcaster, the audio signal is send to the server, and all listeners are connected to the buffered signal on their web player. There is no limitation on the number of listeners connected to your content.
Register your Account Download the broadcaster app Insert the Webplayer to your webpage Start broadcasting
Please contact our support team to get your account registered. A free test period is available. The broadcaster application is available on Android Market and AppStore for free. The app is fully accessible.
We will provide you a single line of HTML code to include the web player into your website. As soon as you have inserted the web player on your web site, the player will start playing an holding music and it will be ready for your broadcasting.


...Live streaming of the General Assembly 2016 of UICI Macerata
...RadioNuova Macerata broadcasts the 38° Pellegrinaggio a piedi Macerata-Loreto using Educast on the road.

Subscribe for Educast service

To subscribe for Educast services and get your broadcaster account, just send us an email to Our support team will suggest you the optimal subscription plan. The mentioned subscription plans offer access for one broadcaster to one course with unlimited amount of lectures. To each course is connected one web player which you can insert into your website. If you would like to broadcast for more courses or you need a company wide solution for more than one broadcaster, please contact our support team for an individual offer.
Month Year 2 years
Broadcaster account
Individual course with unlimited lectures
Easy integrated web player
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