How to

How does Educast work?

Educast consists in 2 components: the recording application as well as a broadcasting web player to be inserted into your website. The recording app, available for Android and iOS, can be downloaded free of charge. To start using Educast, you need the username and password you have received by our staff. When navigating to your event and opening the recorder function, by pressing the record button you will start to be broadcasted to your event player.

The event player should be included into your website using the implementation code you have received together with your account data from our support team. As soon a user is visiting your page, the player starts to load and plays a waiting music until you start your broadcast.

At the end of the broadcasting, you will find a record of the transmission in your account. That means that Educast has recorded the whole event and which is ready for you to download.

How I can sign-up to broadcast with Educast?

Educast is available for everyone but is primarily intended to be used within the e-Learning platform of IRIFOR Macerata. If you are interested in using Educast services to broadcast your live events or stream your seminars online, please contact our support staff who will assist you in creating your account. We believe that every event and user has its own requirements and needs that is why we prefer to have a direct contact with users. Our staff reacts on requests during business time within 24 hours. Please contact us by email ( or contact our support hotline (+39) 0733 230085 (available in English and Italian).

How much does it cost to use Educast?

Educast is intended for small and medium sized broadcasts. The subscription model includes 1 week testing, free of charge. Past the evaluation period, you can subscribe for one of the following models:
Subscription for
One Month One Year Two Years
one broadcaster one broadcaster one broadcaster
one web player one web player one web player
unlimited listeners unlimited listeners unlimited listeners
Incl. VAT
Incl. VAT
Incl. VAT
Please contact our support team to receive a price quotation for a whole company or multi-user subscription.

How do I start a broadcast with educast?

Once you have setup your educast account and created the event for your broadcast, follow the few steps to start broadcasting:
1) Start and sign in into educast application.
2) Navigate among your events to the desired course and lesson. Each user can have multiple courses and each course may have multiple lessons.
3) The recording interface offers you the button to record (broadcast) directly towards your connected online player.

Tip: You can pause and resume the broadcast at any time.

What’s the differences between pause and stop?

The button “Pause” keeps the broadcasting channel open, only the microphone get muted. “Stop” ends the current broadcast and connected web players will start playing the holding music. Records are similar effected. The record will keep recording when the pause button is enabled but will not receive input from the microphone. Stopping will finish the current recording, any further broadcast will start a new record.

Educast is keeping a record?

Educast primarily offers a live audio stream to connected web players. Yet, it can come up handy to have a recording of your broadcast for eventual reviewing or providing handouts. The server therefore keeps a recording of your broadcast. Each broadcast is stored in its own record and one event can have multiple records ordered by date.
The records are visible to the user who broadcasted the original content, only, until you decide otherwise.
In the context menu of the recordings list within the recorder application you can copy the download link for further use of the registration or delete a unnecessary record.

Educast is encrypting the broadcasts?

That has to be a straight “No”. Educast is designed for low latency live audio broadcasts (mainly) in the educational environment. While security and data protection is a very important topic, we decided against this feature to ensure the main functionality of educast.

Note: We do not suggest to use educast for sensitive content.

How can my users listen to my broadcast?

The broadcaster application is the part you use to record and send your content. Your users will be able to follow you using the web player which you will find in your online portal. The individual player script you received from our support team can be implemented to your website and every user visiting your page automatically gets connected to the broadcast. The player starts automatically as soon a user opens the page. When there is no broadcast, the player streams a holding music until the broadcast starts.

Tip: In order to keep your users updated short before an event, a holding music will be played automatically. You can change this individually to any mp3 track of your choice within the web portal.

Is there a delay for my listeners?

Due to the transmission of the sound to the server and from the server to the listeners educast has a latency of about 5 seconds. This can be different dependent on the internet bandwith of the broadcaster and the listener. Also the amount of connected listeners to the server can influence the delay.

Can more speakers broadcast at the same time?

Educast and accessibility

We considered accessibility for both, the recording applications as well as the web player, a key feature and tried to make the applications available to all. The structured interface of the recorder has reduced graphics overlays to draw attention to important functions of the application. All Interface elements are screenreader accessible and tested with mainstream devices. The Webplayer is reduced to the minimal interface and can be used by everyone even without interfering with the controls. Should the accessibility features not fit your needs, please let us know and we will discuss how to implement a solution suiting you.

Educast recorder

The login screen

Type in your username and password. You have received account information from our support team upon your registration. If you have not received your account information or would like to create a new account, please contact our support team at

The course selection

Educast is primarily intended for the broadcast of online courses and distance learning. For this reason, the structure of an event is split into courses and lectures. Each course can have multiple lectures. Select the course or event you want to broadcast for.

The lecture selection

Opening a course or an event will lead you to the selection of courses. Select the course or the sub-event you are about to broadcast for to enter the recorder sheet.

The recording screen

The record button - starts and pauses the recording.
The stop button - ends a recording.
The volume meter - indicates your microphone input volume. Try to keep the indicator within the green range.
The bandwidth quality indicator - indicates the available bandwidth to ensure your broadcast quality. If the indicator points elsewhere then the green area, try to increase your internet quality for keeping the broadcast stable.
The volume slider - adjusts the volume of your microphone input signal. If the volume meter is within the red areas, you can increase or decrease the signal volume.
The list of records - keeps all previous broadcasts. The list is ordered according to date and it points out all your broadcasts. If there were broadcasts within the lecture not proceeded by your user account, it will not appear in this list.
Pull down the whole screen will refresh the list.

The settings

The settings menu is available via the menu at top of the application screen.
Bitrate - In Educast you can change the bitrate of your broadcast. Dependant on your needs and the internet speed you can choose between 16 kbit/s and 256 kbit/s bitrate.
Screen turn off - In order to save battery, your smartphone turns off the screen after a certain time of inactivity. During the broadcast it is unlikely that you manipulate with the interface very frequently that is why the phone may believe you are inactive and turns the screen off. That has no influence to your broadcast as the recording and transmission are going on. If you would like to keep the screen permanently turned on for keeping all information at your sight, activate the switch to keep the screen turned on while the application runs.

Educast web player

For listening the broadcast you can implement our web player into your website. The implementation code you will receive with your user account data from our support team. Just copy and paste the code into your website code at the place you would like to present the player and you are ready to stream.
The web player automatically starts when a user enters the page. If your broadcast is not started yet, the player will play either the default holding music or any track you have uploaded. The track will be played in a loop until the broadcast starts. The player has a start/pause button that on load is showing the pause function. In addition there is a stop button to interrupt the stream. The volume slider is allowing you to adjust the volume of the sound output. Any other elements are of no further importance to the listener.

Note: Consider that the web player has a latency of about 5 seconds and that it depends on the internet connection speed of both, the broadcaster and the listeners.